Bhavana Chamoli

Bhavana Chamoli

MIO Partners, Inc. investment researcher

Bhavana Chamoli was born in the Himalayas region of India. As she grew, Bhavana Chamoli’s hunger for academics was apparent as she earned scholarships to attend Asia’s best educational institutions. She moved to New Delhi as a boarding student as she prepared to take the exam at the Indian Institute of technology, considered to be the elite program for computer sciences and engineering. Bhavana Chamoli’s intellectual interest led her to take a year away from her engineering studies to engage in Architectural studies, before she returned to complete her undergraduate engineering degree.

When Bhavana Chamoli came to the United States, she continued her education at Carnegie Mellon University. She melded into the culture and research-oriented philosophy of Carnegie Mellon. After completing her studies, she spent the next two and a half years at McKinsey Consulting as a full-time developer. However, Bhavana Chamoli quickly realized that the corporate-life did not provide the opportunity for exposure to the kind of innovative, leading-edge technology to challenge her skills. Bhavana’s love for quant fund coding and programming and mathematical calculation challenges was no longer an option. The corporate-life felt stagnant.

Bhavana Chamoli’s goal was to move out of corporate life and into a role in investment management. Her ambition led her to take the initiative to engage with her university professors for guidance. With the emergence of quant hedge funds, Bhavana knew she had the right skill-set to move her career in a new direction. Taking command of her career, Bhavana Chamoli moved to MIO Partners, Inc, McKinseys’ investment management subsidiary, designed to retain the services of former partners, and employees.

Chamoli is involved with venture-capital firms in India. She develops codes to build programming applications that automate the research process for the capital management industry, designed especially for investment and portfolio managers.

Bhavana Chamoli leads a very active lifestyle. She has many interests aside from her development skills. She was offered modeling roles and was a participant in the Miss India competition. She maintains her relationships with friends and coworkers in India who are connected to the Andy Warhol Foundation and Bollywood, Sundance, and in the film-making industry. She participated in documentaries that have qualified for Oscars in the foreign language categories, and others that have earned awards at the Sundance Festivals worldwide. She has produced documentaries in India, which she has shared on YouTube.

One of Bhavana’s greatest accomplishments to date, was when she founded a non-profit organization. She wanted to provide a platform to empower freelance journalists and writers of India to let their voices be heard. The platform was created to cut through India’s monopoly, de-polarize communities and allow writers and journalists the opportunity to build their brand.

In The Media

Beyond Coding: Bhavana Chamoli Looks at What Computer Science is All About

While all computer scientists can code — and some of them with awe-inspiring elegance and efficiency — the fact is that not all people who can code are computer scientists. This is because, contrary to what some individuals outside of the IT world believe, computer science is not an endless exercise in coding. Rather, it is a fusion of mathematics, engineering, physics, statistical modeling and analysis, electronic circuit design, algorithms, information structures, and “outside-the-box” creativity that aims to both uncover and extend the possibilities of computational thinking. Although coding is a part of the puzzle; but it is certainly not the only or primary piece.

Bhavana Chamoli Looks at How Data Modeling is Used in Different Industries

The Information Age has ushered in transformative advancements in telecommunications and computing. This includes advancements even a few decades ago may have seemed more along the lines of science fiction, such as the ability for ordinary people on different sides of the world to have real-time video conferences or immediate access to an astonishing amount of information on just about any topic. However, it has also given rise to an enormous and incomprehensible volume of data. Fortunately, that is where data modeling comes into the picture.

Bhavana Chamoli examines the core differences between computer science and software engineering

To many individuals outside of the technical world, computer science and software engineering are viewed as similar professions. However, within the technical world, there are fundamental and critical differences between these two fields of study and expertise. However, the good news is that grasping the core differentiator between computer science and software engineering doesn’t require an advanced degree.

Drawing from History: Bhavana Chamoli on How to Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Business Climate

Somewhat paradoxically, the best tool we have for predicting the future is not the present—it is the past. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in this modern era, it is far from history’s first drastic global event. Consequentially, the details of these events and the specifics of their aftermath may serve as guideposts for business leaders and policy makers who will someday be tasked with the challenge of navigating a new and uncertain post-pandemic world.

Bhavana Chamoli on the Fundamentals of Digital Telecom-Customer Engagement

Most telecom operators seeking to digitize their operations will face significant challenges in driving online engagement and steady sales. Studies show, for example, that companies performing in the top quartile sign up 50 times more customers online than those in the bottom quartile, proving that many telecom-customer engagement strategies have significant room for growth.

Bhavana Chamoli Launches Academic Scholarship Campaign to Provide Financial Aid to Post Secondary College Students

MIO Partners, Inc. investment researcher Bhavana Chamoli is proud to announce her Academic Scholarship Campaign, which will allocate financial aid to post-secondary college students enrolled in accredited college or university programs within North America.

Bhavana Chamoli Partakes in the Annual India Day Parade in the Role of Grand Marshal

Long-time committee member and community supporter, Bhavana Chamoli, recently fulfilled the role of Grand Marshal at the annual India Day Parade on August 15th, 2020.

Bhavana Chamoli Proudly Announces Her Participation in the Annual India Day Parade

This year's parade took place on August 15th, where more than 100 organizations gathered to celebrate the success stories of leading individuals and businesses and their contributions to the United States.

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