Bhavana Chamoli

Scholarship Program

The Bhavana Chamoli Scholarship Program seeks to help out students in need via financial aid. The downturns caused by the recent COVID-19 outbreak have boosted unemployment rates and caused considerable financial hardships especially for students.

Four Scholarship Prizes to be Awarded

Bhavana Chamoli is offering four scholarships for the following amounts:

3 x $1000

1 x $2000

Are you ready to get started?

The Essay

Applicants are required to submit an essay discussing one or few apps that have significantly changed their lives for the better and how exciting it is to know that apps in the future can further enhance the lives of many people.

Application deadline is February 28, 2021. Good luck to all applicants.

MIO Partners, Inc. investment researcher Bhavana Chamoli is proud to announce her Academic Scholarship Campaign, which will allocate financial aid to post-secondary college students enrolled in accredited college or university programs within North America.

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